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History of Scout Guides

The word ‘scout’ in the army means ‘spy’. Even today there are scouts in the army. Lord Baden Powell’s only credit to pulling scouting from the limited area of ​​the army to the children of the population is only credit. Who later became BP Was also addressed. Lord Powell, whose full name was Robert Steifenson Smith Beden Powell, was born on February 22, 1857 in London, to the home of Reverend Professor Herbert George Beden Powell. BP It was only three years old that his father died. Her mother, Mrs. Henrietta Grace Smith, cared for the family with great skill and courage.

During the ‘Bore War’ in South Africa in 1900, they got the introduction of the qualities of infinite power, indomitable courage, dutifulness, and virtue of small children. From this, Lord Pavel became convinced that how child can benefit both in war and peace, in the world.

BP to provide creative power to the immense power hidden in the children and their belief in them. In 1907, on the island of ‘Brown Sea’, he had his first camp with only twenty girls. Inspired by its success, Baden Powell started working more enthusiastically in this direction.

Scouting in India – Guiding

The influence of Lord Baden Powell’s book ‘Scouting for Boys’ also affected the other countries of the world as well as India. As a result, efforts were made to start scouting in India too. In the year 1910, only the English and Anglo-Indian children were allowed to enter the scouting in India. In 1913, Pt. Shri Ram Vajpayee opened an independent group of scouts for Indian children in Shahjahanpur. After 1913, one group started to open after one. In 1916, girls were privileged to become Girl Scouts for the first time in Poona.

In 1916 only Dr. The ambassador laid the foundation of the ‘Indian Boys Scout Association’ in Madras. In 1917, Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, with the help of Pandit Hridaynath Kijaru and Pt. Sriram Vajpayee, established ‘All India Service Committee Boy’s Scout Association’ in Allahabad. By the 1920s, there had been many independent organizations of scouting in India.

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