Dear Parents,/Guardians Naman.
As a part of this institution, it’s our responsibility to shape our school in such a way that encourages our children to reflect their learning and talent in every walk of life. We insist on making children’s life at school a happy experience, rather than mental stress or boredom. Input rich/well disciplined and well guided environment are a prerequisite for pupils’ development and it’s gratifying for us that we are successful in providing them that kind of environment to a great extent. In recent years we have proved our quality in educational field.
We are greatful to the parents, who showed their trust on us .Our organization is committed to systematic reform and continuous improvement in the quality of its pupils. We welcome advices and suggestions which will enable us to undertake further refinements. I hope that the god will help us in our great aim of building a New India, a country of our aspirations and dreams.
Thank you very much.

Mr. Naresh Chhipa



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